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In my living room, we find ourselves contantly moving the coffee table.  Constantly.  It needs to be here so we can sit in a circle on the floor and play a game or there to properly display a grand Lego sculpture or closer to the couch to hold an IPA.  So, these holes in the center are first and foremost a handle.  We need to be able to grab the table in one hand while holding a board game or a beverage in the other.


Top: Walnut

Base: Sapele with Iron Oxide finish


Tote, carry along bench/table

  • Freight shipping is available for long distance purchases. I typically use Unishippers to get a freight quote as this depends not only on the size of the furniture but also your location. Additionally, there is a crate fee as I build a custom crate to ship the piece.

    Pick up or free delivery for locals.

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